Statement Attributable to the Spokesman of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Afghanistan, Akhtar Brahmi, is appalled at the brutal assault on three definers that occurred on 5 May in Kabul Province, southern Afghanistan. The three Afghan nationals were in a vehicle which was part of a convoy of three well-marked cars; one an ambulance, from the non-governmental organization Afghan Technical Consultants.

The Special Representative hopes for a prompt and full recovery of the two definers who sustained bullet wounds.

In what appears to be a deliberate and premeditated attack, six assailants ambushed the convoy and stopped the last vehicle (the ambulance) looking for international personnel. They opened fire when they were told there were no expatriates in the group.

This incident follows another savage attack on 3 Mayan a demining team from the NGO Afghan Development Association in which one demine was shot dead. Another one, who was seriously injured at the time, is now in a coma.

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), who briefed the Security Council in New York on the morning of 6 May on developments in Afghanistan stressed that security in the country remains unstable and insufficient.

The SRSG reiterates what he told the Security Council Members: People who target these heroic definers are not the enemies of the Afghan government, or of the coalition, or foreigners. They are the enemies of the Afghan farmers who are waiting for their fields tube cleared, of the children of Afghanistan who want to play without risking their lives. Indeed, people who attack definers are the enemies of the entire Afghan nation.

As a result of these incidents, SRSG Brahmi directed UNAMA and the UN system in Afghanistan to take the following temporary measures until further evaluation of security conditions:

  • no road missions of United Nations expatriate and national staff south of Ghazi      towards Kandahar
    • no UN road movement anywhere within the country before 6 am and after 6 pm
    • no UN missions to Kabul, Uruapan and upper Helmand

United Nations security personnel are in close contact with the concerned Afghan authorities, reviewing security conditions in areas considered unsafe for the United Nations to carry out its work. Possible measures to address the problem are also under review.

Attacks on aid personnel and violence against Afghan workers by the enemies of Afghanistan erode the efforts of the Afghan people to provide better education, health and economic opportunities to all Afghans.

The United Nations is committed to continuing its working Afghanistan in support of the efforts of the Afghan people. However, to do it, the security of personnel from the United Nations and other aid civilian organizations must be assured.

The SRSG calls on Afghan leaders and people to support the efforts to re-build a more prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan and reject those groups who commit acts of violence.